Chemicals for industries
We provide a wide range of basic chemicals to fulfil the requirements of our customers in the chemical, petroleum refining
and petrochemical industries.

"Symbiosis with the earth" is our basic stance
We provide Eco-Friendly products to meet our customers' Environmental Policy.


 ●Organic Solvents
  Furfural ...... For Lubricating Oil and Butadiene Extraction
  MEK ...... For Lubricating Oil Dewaxing
  Glycol Ethers
  Higher Alcohols
 ●Organic Chemicals
  Ethanol Amines ...... For Absorption of Hydrogen Sulfide and Cutting Oil
  Methacrylates, Silicone Oil
  Polymerization Inhibitor
 ●Inorganic Chemicals
  Caustic Soda, Hydrochloric Acid, Sodium Hypochlorite, Iron Chloride Liquid, Potassium Carbonate, Caustic Potash, PAC,
  Slaked Lime, Lithium Compounds
 ●Oleo Chemicals
  Glycerine, Fatty Acid, Fatty Acid Ester, Palm Oil etc.
  For Petroleum Refining Processes
  For Resin Polymerization
  For High Molecule Polymerization
 ●Additives for Resins and Rubbers
  Antistatic Agent, Antioxidant, Stabilizer, Plasticizer, Flame Retardant, Ultraviolet Resistant
 ●Chemicals for Sustaining Environment
  Chemicals for Heavy Metals Removal ...... EPOFLOC : EPOLAS by Miyoshi Oil & Fat Co.,Ltd.
  Chemicals for Water Treatment...... HAKUTOL : SANTOL by HAKUTO Co.,Ltd.
  Activated Carbons...... Drainage Treatment of Phenol and Dioxin by Japan Enviro Chemicals, Ltd.