Active import and export trading to correspond with various needs
We bring value to our customers and suppliers by providing solutions that utilize our expertise, global network and unique logistical system which promise you stable supply and cost savings. We are also expanding our business field on a worldwide basis.
Logistlcs Professional Kozakura: Accumulated knowledge, and its application, is our primary asset, which will provide our customers with a competitive edge.

"Symbiosis with the earth" is our basic stance
We provide Eco-Friendly products to meet our customers' Environmental Policy.



1.Chemicals for Lubricating Oils

 ■Croda Lubricants Chemicals
  ●Synthetic Ester Oils...... PRIOLUBE
   Used for Higher Grade Automotive lubricating Oils and Industrial Machinery
  ●Biodegradable Ester Oils...... PRIOLUBE
   Eco-Friendly Products
  ●EP Additives ...... PRIOLUBE , PERFAD
   Suitable as Replacement for Chlorinated Paraffin Oils
  ●High Molecular Weight Surfactants ...... HYPERMER
  ● Friction Modifier...... PERFAD

 ■Solvay Nicca, Ltd. : Octyl Acid Phosphate for Slide Way Lubrication, Phosphonates for Cortosion inhibitor

 ■Vanderbilt Chemicals
  ●Antioxidant, Friction reducer, Extreme pressure additives, Metal deactivators

 ■Soltex : Corrosion Inhibitor

 ■S Oil : Base Oil(Super series, Ultra series)

  ●Dispersant for Automotive Lubricant ...... Various Over Based Calcium Soap
  ●Component for Grease ...... Various Over Based Calcium Soap
    Various Metal Soap(Molybdenum, Zinc, Bismuth, Copper)

 ■Miller Industrial Fluids LLC : Quench oil additives ...... Dura Temp M

2.Glycerine, Fatty Acid, Fatty Acid Ester

 ■KLK :Palm Ester

 ■MIWON Specialty Chemical : LAS

 ■DERICHEM (M) SDN. BHD. :Soap noodles


 ■Wuxi Baichuan Chemical Industry : Butyl Acetate

 ■Juhua Group : Cyclohexanone(Anone)


 ■Chang Chung Petrochemical :Alcohols

 ■Lee Chang Yung Chemical Industry :Alcohols


 ■LG Chemical : Plasticizer

6.Industrial Chemicals

 ■Innospec : Polyethylene Wax, EVA Wax

 ■Dorf Ketal : Organic Titanates, Zirconates

 ■DSM : Ingredient for Fragrances(Linalool, Nerolidol)

 ■SK Petrochemical : DMT

 ■Jiangsu Maida New Material : BHT

 ■EXPLOITER Molybdenum : Molybdenum Sulfide

 ■UPC Technology : NBS, 2EHS, 2EHP

7.Environmental Analysies

 ■BfB OIL RESEARCH : Laboratory of Fluids Analysis
  ●Environmental Analysis / Physico-Chemical Analysis / Performance Analysis ......
  * Environmental Analysis on Petroleum Products (Lubricants, Greases, Fuels, etc.)
  e.g. Biodegradability(OECD 301B), Fish Toxicity(OECD 203)


 ■Sanyo Chemical Industries : ACLUBE, NEWPOL, SANNIX


 ■Mitsubishi Chemical : PTMG

 ■Daihachi Chemical : TCP