Petroleum additives as our core products, and a large variety of chemicals
We provide an extensive product range of performance chemicals, from lubricating oil additives to fuel oil additives, suitable
for various customers' needs.
"Symbiosis with the earth" is our basic stance
We provide Eco-Friendly products to meet our customers' Environmental Policy.


 ■Sanyo Chemical Industries, Ltd.

  ●Viscosity Index Improver for Lubricating Oils ...... ACLUBE , SANLUBE
   Used to improve the viscosity index of driveline oil(ATF, CVTF), engine oil, hydraulic oil etc.
  ●Pour Point Depressant for Lubricating Oils ...... ACLUBE
   Used to prevent wax in lubricants from crystallizing and make oil run smoothly even below freezing point
  ●Cold Flow Improver for Fuel Oils ...... CARRYOL
   Used to make gas oil and fuel oil A run smoothly even below freezing point
  ●Lubricity Improver for Fuel Oils ...... SANFRICK
   Used to reduce the deterioration of diesel engine pumps caused by a reduction in sulfur
  ●Pour Point Depressant for Bio Diesel Fuel ...... ECOPROVER
   Used to prevent wax in waste oil, especially cooking oil,
   from crystallizing and make oil run smoothly even below freezing point
  ●Rust Inhibitor ...... SANHIBITOR
   Used to improve rust protection in lubricants and soluble in water and petroleum
  ●Base Materials for Synthetic Lubricants ......
   BLEMBER , NEWPOL LB , NEWPOL 50HB Used to reduce the viscosity change caused by a temperature gap and
   inhibit any sludge after combustion

 ■DIC Corporation

  ●Additives for Lubricating Oils : Extreme Pressure Agent ...... DAILUBE
   Sulfur Containing Extreme Pressure Additives with light color and slight odor used for metalworking oils,
   which is also used as replacement for chloric extreme pressure agent
  ●Additives for Fuel Oils : Various Metal Deactivators

 ■Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation


 ■MORESCO Corporation

   Lubricating oil for High Temperature Application

 ■Miyoshi Oil & Fat Co., Ltd.

   Addititive for Metal Working Fluid, Fatty Acid, Fatty Acid Ester

 ■Daihachi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

   Plasticizers, Friction Modifier

 ■JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation


 ■Other Manufacturers

   Oiliness Improver, Antioxidant( for Lubricants and Fuel Oils ), Rust Inhibitor, Corrosion Inhibitor, Emulsifier,
   Antiwear Agent for Extreme Pressure, Defoamer, etc.その他