Performance chemicals

We offer lubricating oil additives which contribute to the maintenance and the improvement of the performance of the lubricating oils which are essential to the automotive industry as well as construction machinery, metalworking, and many other industries.
Today, our customers are faced with a wide range of issues, from fuel efficiency, labor saving, and cost reductions, to environmental conservation, but whether in Japan or around the globe, we don’t simply provide products but also work together with customers to resolve their challenges.

Industrial chemicals

We handle a wide range of products from the general chemical industry to petroleum additives, including solvents, organic and inorganic chemicals, fatty acids, and catalysts. Based on our extensive experience and knowledge, we provide a diverse range of products that meet the needs of our customers, not only from major domestic manufacturers but also from our global network.

Oleo Fine chemicals

We import and export the raw materials and ingredients for personal care products, cosmetics, and food etc.