Industrial chemicals

We handle a wide range of products from the general chemical industry to petroleum additives, including solvents, organic and inorganic chemicals, fatty acids, and catalysts. Based on our extensive experience and knowledge, we provide a diverse range of products that meet the needs of our customers, not only from major domestic manufacturers but also from our global network.

  • Performance chemicals
  • Industrial chemicals
  • Imported from overseas

Performance chemicals

Offering a wide range of products centering on petroleum additives

We carry an extensive lineup of products to meet customer needs, from a diverse array of lubricating oil additives to fuel oil additives suited to a variety of uses.

DIC Corporation products

Lubricating oil additives, extreme pressure additives (DAILUBE) Light colored, low odor sulfur based extreme pressure additives (chlorine-based extreme pressure agent substitutes) for metalworking fluids
Fuel oil additives: Various metal deactivators

MORESCO Corporation products

High temperature lubricants

Miyoshi Oil & Fat Co., Ltd. products

Metalworking fluid bases, fatty acids, fatty acid esters

Daihachi Chemical
Industry Co., Ltd. products

Plasticizers, anti-wear agents

ENEOS Corporation products

Polybutene and its derivatives

Chiyoda Chemical Co., Ltd. products

Nonferrous metal corrosion inhibitors, metal deactivators

Other products

Oiliness improvers, oxidation inhibitors (for lubricating oils/fuel oils), rust inhibitors, corrosion inhibitors, emulsifiers, extreme pressure anti-wear agents, antifoaming agents, fluoride solid lubricants, fluorine-based oils

Industrial chemicals

Offering a variety of chemicals, from chemicals for the general chemical industry to the petroleum and petrochemical industry.

We carry an extensive lineup of products to meet customer needs, from chemicals for the general chemical industry to oil refinery process and even petroleum product chemicals.

Various organic solvents

Furfural: For lubricating oils/butadiene extraction
MEK: Lubricating oil dewaxing solvent
Glycol ethers
Various alcohols

Organic chemicals

Various ethanolamines: For hydrogen sulfide absorption/cutting oils
Various methacrylic acids
Various isocyanates
Polymerization retarders

Inorganic chemicals

Caustic soda/hydrochloric acid/sodium hypochlorite/sodium nitrite/iron chloride solution/potassium carbonate/potassium hydroxide/potassium nitrate/PAC/hydrated lime
Various lithium compounds

Fatty acids, etc.

Glycerins, various fatty acids, various fatty acid esters, palm oil, biodiesel, etc.

Resin additives

Antistatic agents/oxidation inhibitors/stabilizers/plasticizers/flame retardants/UV absorbers

Environmentally-friendly products

Heavy metal treatment chemicals (EPOFLOC/EPOROUS)
Industrial water treatment chemicals (HAKUTOL/SANTOL)
Activated carbon: Waster water treatment for phenols, dioxins, etc.


Oil refining catalysts/resin polymerization catalysts/polymer catalysts

Imported from overseas

Engaging in a vigorous importing, exporting, and trading business to meet a variety of needs

We will meet the expectations of our customers by combining our extensive experience, information volume, global network, and logistics function.

Croda products

Used in a variety of high spec automotive lubricating oil and industrial lubricating oil products.
Highly biodegradable esters (Priolube)
Products which are environmentally-friendly and which will meet future anticipated environmental standards.
Extreme pressure additives (Priolube/Perfad)
Optimum products for replacing chlorinated paraffins.
Polymeric surfactants (Hypermer)
Friction reducers (Perfad)

Solvay Nicca products

Octyl acid phosphate for slideway oil, alkylphosphonic acid for rust inhibition/corrosion prevention

Soltex products

Corrosion inhibitors

S-OIL products

Base oils (Super series/Ultra series)

KLK products

Palm oil/palm olein derived esters

Jiangsu Maida products


BfB Oil Research

Biodegradability testing and aquatic organism acute toxicity testing per OECD testing guidelines
as well as various oil analysis testing services.

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Industrial chemicals
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